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Big Sky Evolution 1P tent

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Manufacturer: Big Sky SummitShelter
Item Number: Evo 1P

double wall 1 Person tent
1 or 2 vestibule Doors

weight: 1025g (36.2oz/2lb 0.3oz) for 1Door fly, 1Door interior, and ultra light aluminum poles (revJ)

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Big Sky's Let-it-PorTM fabric is made by Cuben/Cubic

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Product Reviews

(79 Ratings, 6 Reviews) Average Rating:
Evolution 1P-1D... Great!
Keith (Gresham, OR) 9/11/2014 10:36 PM
What can I say but this is the best tent I have ever had in over 50 years of backpacking. It is hard to imagine any improvement. I've owned the tent since 2007- back then in the early days of Big Sky, I had to wait 9 months to get it! But it was certainly worth the wait. Now Big Sky seems to have most versions in stock and they clearly show in stock status. The tent pitches tight, sheds torrential rain, sheds wind, it's quite roomy for a 1 person tent, the side entrance is easy to exit, the vestibule is large, it's ultralight, and has been durable. I recently had a zipper problem (after 7 years of use) and emailed the company- Bob emailed back the next day with a solution. So I add good service.
Big Sky Evolution 1P 1D review (Australia) 6/24/2010 7:16 AM
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Evolution 1P1D
Karl Luce (Denver, CO) 3/18/2009 10:15 AM
I encountered the [Evolution] 1P1D for the first time at the Rockies Ruck (Feb '06) and was impressed at its many and thoughtful features. My goal at the time was to reduce my packweight (without totally going ultra-light) and was unwilling to get a shelter without a fly option. I then used this tent for some long backpacks in the following years and have continued to be impressed. This tent has negotiated portions of the CDT in Colorado (San Juans and Never Summer Range) over week-long-or-more treks. Perhaps its most memorable performance was when I holed up in it over 40 hours, held down by sleet/rain/snow in the Weminuche wilderness. By setting up the tent so the wind entered gently on one side and the adjustable vent on the other side, moisture did not collect and I stayed remarkably warm and dry whereas some of my past tents would not have fared as well. I love this tent! It sets up well and quickly in rainy conditions, is free-standing, and has room to move around and sit up. Would recommend it to any serious solo backpacker. (And the customer service is excellent!) Thanks for making this tent.
Evolution 1P Tent
John Noel Cotter/Irish (New York, NY) 2/25/2009 8:19 AM
I bought this while thru-hiking the PCT in '08 in Ashland Or. because of the predicted rain in the Northern Cascades. I loved it. This tent has 2 huge vestubles for storage so I recommend the 2 door version. Mine only has one door (it was all that was in stock) which meant I couldn't use the second vestuble much. I've ordered a 2 door for the CDT in '10. I used it with the fly and without and I found it to be very well designed. It's also very light and compact. A great backpacking tent!!!
Evolution 1P
(Unknown) 7/30/2008 6:18 PM
The Evaolution 1P tent worked great on the hike I took into Kings Canyon. I was out for 16 days. The bad news is that it rained everyday for the first 7 days but the good news is that I got to test the tent in the rain and it was fantastic. The portal worked great at keeping my boots and other items dry. I had one rain spell, you may have seen the news that Independence, California on Highway 395 was flooded. While I was in the tent it did really feel like a flood at my location. I remained dry and the 4 inch (10cm) high tent floor kept even the near stream that resulted from entering the tent. Following the end of the rain, the mosquitoes came at us with a vengeance. I set up the tent, sans the rain fly, and could sleep the night (and some of the afternoon) without being eaten alive. Love the tent and highly recommend it. Prior to this tent I used a 'Slumber Jack' one man tent that was like sleeping in a 'garbage bag'. The 1P Evolution Big Sky provided me a real sleeping area, protected me from the rain and was 3 oz (85g) lighter that the 'garbage bag' tent. The tent is very well constructed and has lots of extra features like side pocket for storing items at night (without them hitting you on the head). The color coded 'red' for the foot of the tent and 'blue' for the head of the tent makes setting the tent up easy and fast. The loop and barrel buttons allowed me to fully open the tent when required. I have been backpacking for over 20 years and it is the best and lightest tent that I have owned. Roger O Orange County, California USA

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