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Big Sky International, Inc. (Big Sky)

Big Sky is the designer/manufacturer of world class high performance outdoor gear that is light weight AND comfortable.

- Returns
- Warranty
- Repairs


If you purchase a product and it is not what you expected, you can return it unused within 30 days of the date you received it for exchange or a refund of the purchase price INCLUDING cost of normal shipping for USA orders, and 1/2 normal shipping cost for other areas.

Returns information and instructions are listed below to make a return or exchange by mail.

  1. Please contact us at before making a return.

  2. Please include a copy of your receipt, invoice or gift packing list, or if you no longer have one of these, a letter with the following information:
    • Name
    • Order number
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • E-mail address
    • When, where and by whom the purchase was made
    • Reason for the return
    • Purchase price of the item(s)

  3. Please specify whether you would like an exchange, a repair, a refund or a bankcard credit.

  4. We suggest you use a shipping service with tracking and insure the package for your protection:

    Please contact us at for return address
    phone: +1 (307) 201-6388

  5. You can expedite an exchange by placing a new order with your bankcard and returning the unwanted merchandise for credit.


We use lightweight high strength materials, but a customer should not expect our products to stand up to the same use/abuse as products using materials weighing much more than our products.

Big Sky warranty products against manufacturing defects, but does not warranty products against materials failure due to durability issues.

Big Sky uses double coated silicone silnylon fabric for its shelters. This is a very common fabric in lightweight backpacking applications. It is lighter than other heavier "traditional" fabrics, but will last a long time when taken care of. Over on the backpackinglight Yahoo group, on an April 17, 2005 post Brawny stated, "A silnylon rain suit is extremely durable. I have over 5,000 miles on one set, having used it on the PCT in 2001 (1,968 miles- to complete the entire trail) and my thru hike on the AT (2,168 miles), plus numerous local Georgia Mountain trips." Big Sky also received this 2012-07-04 from "Old Drum" a customer in Missouri, "Bought my first [Evolution 2P] at Neals Gap on my 2006 AT Thru-hike when I knew nothing about hiking. Bought my second [Evolution 2P] in 2009 after putting over 7000 miles on the first. Now how over 7000 miles on the second one and still use both when we take grandkids with us. I am a very happy customer." To us that says a lot for the durability of silnylon, and Big Sky's fabrics and tents when taken care of.


We have repair facitilities if your product needs repairs.

Repairs return information and instructions are listed below:

  1. Please contact us at before sending us your product for repair. After determining which repair facility can repair your product we will give you return instructions.

  2. Insure the package for your protection and ship items needing sewing repairs to:

    Big Sky International - Repairs
    phone: +1 (307) 201-6388

  3. Include a note of what repairs are to be made.

  4. Only include what needs to be repaired to save on shipping and to prevent items from being misplaced during the repair process.

  5. Please clean items before shipping to avoid US$20/hr cleaning charge.

  6. We only charge our costs for any repairs, and will get authorization from you before proceeding.

For more information contact: