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Gear Aid (McNett) Zip Care

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Manufacturer: McNett
Manufacturer Part No: 021563-291162
Item Number: 29116
Zip Care™ is an easy-to-use liquid zipper lubricant and cleaner that helps prevent stuck zippers and costly zipper repairs. It removes harmful dirt, sand and salt deposits from zipper sliders, while leaving behind a lubricant that’s not messy like other formulas. After one application, those trouble zippers will be oh so easy to slide.

Specially formulated to clean metal, nylon, plastic and waterproof zippers, you can use Zip Care on all outdoor gear. Apply before you leave the house and you won’t have to fight those stubborn zippers again.
• Dual-applicator brush top
• Contains no silicone
• Biodegradable
• Made in USA

• 60ml (2 fl. oz.)

FAQ: McNett's Max Wax vs. McNett's Zip Care vs. McNett's Zip Tech

Max Wax is a “traditional” silicone-based stick lubricant for plastic and metal zippers.

Zip Tech is a paraffin-free, silicone-free, solid zipper lubricant. Zip Tech is a high-performance lubricant for watertight and airtight zippers, including metal, nylon and plastic zippers.

Zip Care is a zipper cleaner and lubricant in one. Zip Care features a patented push/pull brush dispenser, which removes harmful dirt, sand and salt deposits.

Zip Care is typically used as a cleaner and light lubricant for wet and dry suits before applying Zip Tech. Zip Tech is recommended for use on zippers that are subject to submersion in water. Max Wax is also recommended for use on wet suits and dry suits, but is not as durable a lubricant as Zip Tech. For dry land applications, McNett recommends Zip Care for cleaning and lubricating tents, backpacks, etc.

Product Reviews

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McNett Zip Care review
Bob (WY) 6/29/2012 7:41 AM
Do not expect miracles with this product... while it will help clean and lubricate a zipper its use is probably better for preventative maintenance, rather than repairing a bad zipper.