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Big Sky Mirage 1P tent

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Manufacturer: Big Sky SummitShelter
Item Number: Mirage1P

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freestanding 1 Person tent

weight: 976g (34.4oz or 2lb 2.4oz) for Mirage 1P with
SuprSilTM-UL fabric outer, Mesh Netting interior, seam taped, non-slip floor fabric, and ultra light aluminum poles, 43cm folded length

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Note: Hybrid design recommended for low humidity areas, such as USA's southwest and Rocky Mountain areas, and not recommended for high humidity areas

Big Sky's Let-it-PorTM fabric is made by Dyneema Composite Fabrics(DCF), also known as Cuben/Cubic

Big Sky Mirage 1P tent

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Product Reviews

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Beautifully Made, Thoughtfully Conceived
Valerie E (AZ) 4/28/2015 10:14 AM
I received my Mirage 1P order, and I was impressed with the quality workmanship, and the adherence to the stated weight specifications. Some cottage manufacturers' products are not up to "professional" standards -- Big Sky should be proud! I will definitely recommend Big Sky products in the future.
Big Sky Int'l Mirage 1P tent video tour by BackpackingLight
Will (Durango, CO) 8/14/2014 10:04 AM
Big Sky International Mirage 1P tent video tour or
Mirage 1 P Tent: Great tent for solo backpacker
Neal OCallaghan (Albuquerque, NM) 3/3/2013 7:03 PM
I've used the Mirage 1P for backpacking in Grand Canyon for the last two years. I've got the standard 2-door, 1P tent materials plus I added carbon fiber poles. All together, the tent, groundcloth (Tyvek), stakes and cords for guy lines weigh about 2 pounds. There is plenty of room inside with more at the head-end. The two vestibules are within arms reach and provide a lot of usable storage space. I was exposed to fierce and sudden canyon winds which the 1-P handled well when well-guyed. I give the tent 5 stars. It is a great tent.
Backpacker magazine Gear Guide 2010
Backpacker magazine ( 5/25/2010 9:36 AM
Backpacker Gear Guide 2010 - Mirage 1P See Backpacker magazine's Gear Guide 2010 review: or
Mirage 1P 2Door w AL Poles
Doug (Ohio) 8/31/2009 11:44 AM
The Mirage performed beyond my expectations while hiking the AT for 1 month. Maine and New Hampshire had received a much higher than normal amount of rain in 2009. I had to put the tent up twice and take it down twice in light rain. The tent was packed up wet 7-8 times which was not a problem because I was able to shake off most of the rain before packing. Some time during the day we found a logging road or rocks/mountain top where we were able to throw all gear out to dry. The tent dried much quicker than my friends. Most rainy nights the temperature ranged from 50-60F. Condensation occurred but it was not any more that would occur on the inside of a fly. I received a little spray in the face on one night when we received over 4 inches of rain. I have occasionally had the same problem with other tents with flys though the tents with cloth usually absorb the spray. I didn't realized it had rained so much that night because I slept so well - when I did wake up I quickly found that everything was very dry inside the tent and under the vestibule. Other rainy nights produced almost no condensation. In the morning I easily wiped off any condensation with my fleece hat which I wore to dry out. The tent seems to be well ventilated for all uses except hot and humid with rain. However, all backpack tents that I have ever owned are hot under these conditions. The Mirage's 2 doors open partially or completely to allow air flow across its length to provide better ventilation than any other one door tent with fly that I have ever owned. The Mirage is not a warm tent. It tends to be a bit drafty even with light winds of 10-15 MPH. I zippered the tent completely on two 35F nights. I did not have any condensation problems even though the air was still. The Mirage is a light tent for all conditions except for rainy, hot and humid nights when the vestibules must be closed. Only heavier tents with awnings that allow two doors to remain open are suitable for these conditions.

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